What is Facebook’s Vanish Mode on Messenger & Instagram? Full Coverage of features

Alright! We are talking about messenger’s new astonishing feature, vanish mode. Though Messenger Vanish Mode has already gained popularity all over the world. We are focusing on how effectively you can use it. In this talk, we have tried to discuss most of the pros and cons of Messenger Vanish Mode. Let’s get started.

Vanish Mode on Messenger and Instagram

Humans are social beings, they love to gossip with others. For this habit sometimes they become spontaneous. Sometimes they share many personal things without thinking, which may break privacy. In social media one’s spontaneous behavior may turn into the biggest fear of life. Evil minded people may use the conversation to blackmail that person. To avoid all these unwanted situations Facebook has recently introduced a Snap-chat-like feature called Vanish Mode used for disappearing messages.

What is Messenger Vanish Mode?

Last year Facebook announced a feature called Vanish Mode. It’s a Snap-chat-based feature. Vanish mode is an ephemeral messaging mode which is used for disappearing the messages.

This feature is similar to the secret conversation in Messenger. The difference between these two features is that messages are automatically disappearing in the secret conversation where people can control the disappearing time in Vanish Mode.

Messenger vanish mode on

This feature was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook last year. After that, his company has started to share it on News Feed and other public posts. Then it was announced as a part of its Big September Redesign of Messenger. Now, it is used in both Messenger and Facebook.

How does Messenger Vanish Mode work?

It works in a similar way to Messenger’s existing secret conversation. When one starts to use this mode, he/ she will be able to disappear from the recent conversation.  It works in the following ways –

  •  It causes messages to disappear after the receiver has received the messages, read it, and closed the window.
  • After disappearing the messages users can start the regular chat by swiping up.

What is the Activation Process of Vanish Mode?

To use this mode, firstly we have to activate it. The activation way is to vary from device to device. There are three types of devices such as Android, Ios, and Desktop.

Messenger vanish mode off

People can activate this mode in these devices in the following ways –

For Android

  • Going to the chat to open the contact.
  • Taping the chat header to open the chat settings.
  • Searching the Vanish Mode and tap it for the settings.
  • One can set the timer anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 week by tapping the timer icon.

For Ios

  •  Going to the chat to open the contact.
  • Taping the chat header to open the chat settings.
  • Tapping Disappearing Messages and sliding to the right and displaying a blue background when the button was enabled.
  • Using the slider to set the timer anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 week.
  • One can go back to the previous chat by tapping back < in the top left.

For Desktop

  • Going to the chat to view the contact.
  • Selecting more to view the chat settings.
  • Selecting Disappearing Messages.
  • Setting the time anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 week.

Besides these steps, one who uses Messenger in SmartPhone can simply swipe up the chat to activate Vanish Mode and deactivate the mode in the same way.

What are the benefits of Messenger Vanish Mode?

This feature was introduced to keep privacy and safety. So by using this one can get many benefits such as –

  • Firstly, it was designed with safety and choice in mind, so that nobody is able to use it except the connected person.
  • Then the disappeared messages can not be seen by anyone including Facebook.
  • One can get a notification when someone takes screenshots.
  • One can also block someone and report a conversation after feeling unsafe.
  • It can be controlled by the user. So the conversation doesn’t disappear before seeing where it isn’t possible in secret conversation. 

By using it one can maintain the proper safety during the conversation and stop others from taking screenshots or other personal things from the conversation.

For this, cybercrime can be reduced and people can feel safe in social media.

What are the obstacles of Vanish Mode?

Vanish Mode is introduced for the benefits but people may face some obstacles.  They may face the following problems-

  • A conversation may disappear before reading it completely.
  • The flow of the conversation may be destroyed.
  • As screenshots can not be captured one can’t save important text ( for teachers or other official purposes).
  • Important information may disappear.

To solve these problems one can use it only when she/ he feels unsafe without using it for a professional conversation.

Is there any similar option for other social media?

Yes, other social media apps have a similar option. Some apps consisting the same feature are-


Vanish Mode is a Snap-chat-based feature. After a selected time all texts will automatically disappear in Snap-chat. 


WhatsApp introduced the feature before  Facebook. One can activate this feature in the following steps –

  • Firstly one needs to open the WhatsApp chat to tap the contact’s name.
  • Tapping disappearing messages to turn on the activation mode.

In WhatsApp, all the texts will disappear after seven days automatically.


Instagram introduced it after Facebook. The activation processes are-

  •  Firstly one needs to ensure the updated app to open messages on Instagram.
  • Selecting the wanted person to send a message.
  • Then swiping the conversation up.

There is no fixed option to set the Vanish Mode. Whenever one swipes up the conversation, messages will disappear automatically.

In recent age, young people are so emotional and spontaneous for this they share many things like photos, GIFs, stickers, etc. without thinking anything to others.  After sharing personal things, the situation becomes so complicated that one may attempt suicide. If the young generation uses Messenger Vanish features they can be saved from these negative situations. Lastly,  the company told about the feature is that one can share one’s feelings with the closest one without worrying about the chat sticking around.

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