What are the top 10 phone brands in Bangladesh-2021?

The mobile phone market in Bangladesh is highly competitive. The number of mobile phone users in Bangladesh is 165.57 million (Source: Statista). Low and mid-budget smartphones have a huge market in Bangladesh. There are many local and international mobile brands in Bangladesh. In this article, we will discuss on top phone brand in Bangladesh.

Top Phone Brand in Bangladesh in 2021

Are you searching for top phone brand in Bangladesh? We have depicted the top 10 phone brands in the below table hierarchically. The information is collected from a trusted source, Statista. Top ten brand is selected based on market share in Bangladesh.

What are the top 10 phone brands in Bangladesh

PositionBrandMarket Share
Source: Statista

1. Samsung

South Korean Giant Samsung is the top mobile phone brand in Bangladesh. Samsung holds a 33.09% market share of the Bangladesh mobile market. After launching the Android phone in Bangladesh Samsung dominated the mobile market in Bangladesh. Since then they are the No.1 mobile phone brand. Samsung phone has great features like a good camera, AMOLED display, High performing processor.

Samsung phones last long and they have very helpful customer care support. Samsung will bring M series and A series of phones at an affordable price in near future. That is a good positive initiative for the company.

2. Xiaomi

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese multinational electronics company which is founded in 2010 and since then they have been producing high-quality smartphones. Xiaomi announced their sub-brand Redmi in 2013 as a budget phone line. This brand was highly appreciated by consumers. In recent times Huawei lost market share and Xiaomi took advantage. Now they are the second top mobile phone brand in Bangladesh. This brand has a 16.02% market share in Bangladesh. Xiaomi produces new phones with new looks with awesome features. Consumers are also pleased with the performance of their phones.

Xiaomi brings mid-budget mobile phones more frequently than other brands. They always come with some new features in these new phones. Their Redmi series is one of the popular mobile phone models in Bangladesh. That’s why they are one of the top brands now. They always update their MIUI.

3. Huawei

Huawei is another large Chinese multinational technology company. They are the largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the world. They overtook Erricson in 2012. In 2020 they surpassed Samsung and Apple and became the top smartphone brand in the world for the first time. 

Though Huawei became the top smartphone brand globally this brand is facing difficulties in the mobile market of Bangladesh. In 2019 the USA declared they will not do any business with Huawei. As a result, Huawei will not be able to use the Android operating system. In Bangladesh smartphone with Android O/S leads the market. That’s why this brand lost the second position to Xiaomi in 2019. Now they have a 10.4% market share. 

But with great brand value and high quality and durable mobile phones, they still are many people’s favorite mobile phone brand in Bangladesh.  

4. Oppo

Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd is a china company. They produce consumer electronics and mobile phones. They become the top smartphone brand in China in 2019. In terms of worldwide market share, they are at No.5. 

Oppo holds a 5.85% market share of Bangladesh. They have branded their phones as top quality camera phones. They have many outlets and customer care all over Bangladesh. Though they are not getting as many sales as  Xiaomi and Huawei they are doing good business in Bangladesh. 

5. Mobicel

Surprised to see the name? Never heard of it? Mobicel is a South African mobile phone company. They manufacture their phones ins China. They were at the 8th spot with a 1.83% market share in 2019. In 2020 they hold a 4.29% market share in Bangladesh. Mobicel is ahead of big brand names like Vivo, Symphony! 

6. Apple

You can describe Apple with just two words, “The Best”. Apple has the most trusted consumer base in the world. Though Apple phones are expensive they are doing very well in Bangladesh. Their iPhone 11 was one of the top-selling smartphones in Bangladesh. 

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company. They are the pioneer of smartphone and GUI based computer operating system. Apple phone runs on the iOS operating system. Top class product and enhanced security than Android O/S make apple smartphone superior to Android phones. This year they launched the iPhone 12 in 4 new models. They hold 2.36% of the total market share in Bangladesh.  

7. Symphony

You are maybe surprised by Symphony so down in the list. Some years ago they were the top-selling mobile phone brand in Bangladesh. Once market leader not is at No.7. They hold only a 1.92% market share. 

Symphony Limited is an Indian manufacturer company. They produced good quality smartphones at low prices over the years. But now they have lost their market to Redmi and Realmi. 

8. Nokia

What happened to Nokia? It’s a matter that demands great research. Once the one and only market leader Nokia lost its kingdom when smartphones came into action. They also did a great mistake by signing a contract with Microsoft and producing windows smartphones only. Slowly they lost the market to other smartphone companies. 

Nokia is a Finnish multinational Telecommunication company. Recently they are working with a famous computer brand Lenevo and started producing Android phones. They have only a 1.9% market share. 

9. Itel

Itel is another Chinese mobile company and they are doing very well in recent time. They are producing good low-budget smartphones which are very important for the market of Bangladesh. Itel has a 1.62% market share. 

10. Lava

Lava is an Indian manufacturer company. They did very well in Bangladesh in the past but they are losing it now. Lava was famous for entry-level budget phones. But other china brands have taken over the market from them. They hold only a 1.55% market share. 

Mobile phone market share is a musical chair. Only Samsung is clear ahead of other brands. We can say that Samsung is the top phone brand in Bangladesh. But other positions change frequently. New companies are coming with great smartphones and beating old ones. That’s a plus point for the consumers. Consumers are getting smartphones with great features as a result of this competition. 

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