Privacy Policy

Mobile Arena BD confesses that your privacy is very important to us. We take your privacy significantly. Under our privacy policy, we recount our data collection process, usage, and disclosure of your important information. Here we tell you how much security we provide for your information. We also disclose how and what purpose we may use your information. Some important disclose able activities are shown below-

  • Information collection process: We collect information at the time you get membership into our website or you make a comment on a post. The information may include name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, country, region, etc. We never know or read your payment details about a credit card, debit card, PayPal or bank account details. We never store your payment account details into our database.
  • Your account information: As we don’t collect your payment method information, no question can arise regarding payment details. As we store your basic information, we use an SSL certificate for your security. We store information so that you can easily login into your account even in 15 seconds.
  • Your content: Nothing becomes your content if you become a member of our community. We also provide tight security when you make a comment on a post. We don’t disclose your information to anywhere else.
  • Communication: Mobile Arena BD stores information when you communicate with us via email, Skype or live chat. This information is stored in our database for future use. We ensure you that we will not use your information for commercial purpose. This information will be used for your purpose only.
  • Social Media Network: We don’t gather data from social media when you like, comment or share our post.
  • Engagement: If you subscribe to our content, we will store your basic data. Here we also use nondisclosure principle. Nobody can steal your data from our website.
  • Cookies: We may track your cookies if you accept cookies terms. Here we only collect location information. No one collects your information from our sources.
  • Ads and personalization: When you visit our website, you may see some advertisements. If you click those ads, we don’t store your information.
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