All Available Oppo Mobile Price in Bangladesh – 2021

Looking for Oppo mobile price in Bangladesh (BD)? Let’s get in. In Bangladesh, there have been various mobile brands available in the market. But, very few among them are exceptional in their features. Oppo Bangladesh is one of them.

IT was 2008 while Oppo phone started their journey to explore the remarkable technology. All their smartphones are the true aesthetics of extraordinary technologies as well as colors. After presenting to more than 40 countries and areas, now Oppo mobile is in Bangladesh to make you experience the new smartphone that comes with perfection.


Surely, you’ll love all their models of smartphones. But, as you’re limited with your certain budget, the selection is quite tough here.  How to find Oppo price in Bangladesh? No worries! Let us make you know Oppo mobile price. We bring to you the best selling Oppo mobile price in Bangladesh 2021.

All Available Oppo Mobile Phone and Price in Bangladesh (BD)

In the following, you can get to know all available Oppo mobile price in Bangladesh (BD) in 2021.

Model NO. Price Model No. Price
Oppo F15 BDT. 26,990Oppo A5
BDT. 14,990
BDT. 19,990
Oppo A9 BDT. 24,990Oppo Reno
10X Zoom
BDT. 79,990
Oppo A5 BDT. 14,990
(3/64 GB)
BDT. 17,990
(4/ 128 GB)
Oppo F15 BDT. 26,990
Oppo A5s BDT. 13,990Oppo A1K BDT. 9,990
Oppo F11 BDT. 22,990Oppo Find X2 BDT. 99,000
Oppo Find
X2 Pro
BDT. 121,250Oppo Reno 3 Pro BDT. 49,000
Oppo A31 BDT. 17,000Oppo Reno 2 BDT. 42,000
Oppo K3 BDT. 22,999Oppo Reno BDT. 49,990
Oppo F11 Pro BDT. 36,990Oppo K1 BDT. 25,000
Oppo R15 Pro BDT. 51,990Oppo A7 BDT. 17,990 (3/32GB)
BDT. 19,990 (4/64GB)
Oppo RX17 Neo BDT. 33,500Oppo R17 Pro BDT. 69,990
Oppo F9 Pro BDT. 27,000Oppo R17 BDT. 45,000
Oppo F9 BDT. 26,990Oppo Find X BDT. 41,000
Oppo F7 BDT. 24,990
(4/64 GB)
Oppo A71 BDT. 15,500
Oppo A83 BDT. 19,500Oppo F5
BDT. 19,990
Oppo F5 BDT. 22,990Oppo R11s BDT. 41,990
Oppo A71 BDT. 15,500Oppo R11 BDT.  41,500
Oppo A77 BDT. 29,990Oppo F3 BDT. 34,300
Oppo F3 Plus BDT. 34,990Oppo A57 BDT. 18,990
Oppo A37 BDT. 19,990Oppo F1 Plus BDT. 30,700
Oppo F1 BDT. 19,900Oppo Neo 7 BDT. 13,500
Oppo R7 Lite BDT. 23,990Oppo Mirror
BDT. 21,990
Oppo Joy 3 BDT. 8,990Oppo Joy Plus BDT. 8,900
Oppo Joy BDT. 8,700Oppo Neo 5 BDT. 9,900
Oppo Mirror 3 BDT. 16,500Oppo R7 Plus BDT. 42,000
Oppo R5 BDT. 39,500Oppo Neo 3 BDT. 12,800
Oppo N1 Mini BDT. 27,000Oppo Neo BDT. 13,500
Oppo N1 BDT. 40,500Oppo R1 BDT. 32,250
Oppo Find 7a BDT. 36,700Oppo Find 7 BDT. 38,000
Oppo Find 5 BDT. 21,067Oppo 2F BDT. 27,000
Oppo Reno
BDT. 85,990Oppo A3s BDT. 14,500

Best Selling Oppo Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2021

Let’s find out the top 10 best selling Oppo phone along with the key features that they offer-

Oppo F15

Being equipped with anti-resisting temptation and attractiveness, the Oppo F15 in BD is a very popular model of this year among all other Oppo mobile price in Bangladesh. This ergonomic smartphone comes in a sleek and ultra-slim design. Also, its lightness is remarkable. You can easily hold this set in your hand due to its one-handed comfortable grip. This stylish handset is designed with shimmering backlight lines that dance with your every move. The interesting part is yet to come. With a safer in-display fingerprint instant unlocks system, OPPO F15 is able to protect itself against fake fingerprints.

Oppo-F15 price in Bangladesh

Key Features

Price BDT. 26,990
Display Multi-touch 16.2cm(6.4”) capacitive screen
with 2400x1080pixels resolution & 430nit brightness
ROM & Storage 128 GB Storage
Camera 48MP Quad camera
Battery 4000 mAh 3 battery with VOOC flash charge

With Oppo F15, you can experience the whole world fitting in the palm of your hand.

Oppo A9

Oppo A9 in BD is a great combination of intelligence and beauty. With its 3D aesthetic design, experience a new difference. Its nature-inspired 3D ergonomic designs come with a miscellaneous collection of color gradients. It gives you a comfortable grip and a deep visual appearance. What is interesting about this handset? Well, even being under strong sunlight, you would be able to read your mobile screen. This is possible due to the adjustment of a dynamic pixel. The larger display can porous out the damaging blue light. This functionality helps you to fall asleep easier and faster and keeps safe your vision. So your eyes stay away from fatigue.


Key Features

Price BDT. 24,990
Display 6.5” Waterdrop marked  larger sunlight display
with blue shield
ROM & Storage 128 GB Storage
Camera 48MP Ultra-wide Quad camera
Battery 5000 mAh battery

Oppo A5 2020

Are you facing problems while capturing a bigger dimension picture? Oppo A5 2020 is the solution. Now capturing bigger pictures of everything and anything is super easy with its increased wide lens. This 3D ergonomic designed handset allows you to video anything while riding vehicles, running or walking due to its shake-free filming. Featured with Dolby Atmos, you can surround yourself with the rich audio atmosphere. Enjoy faster performance smartphone while at the same time ensures 20% lower power consumption. It is one of the popular Oppo phone-in Bangladesh.


Key Features

Price BDT. 13,990
Display 6.5” waterdrop notched sunlight screen with 1600×720
pixels resolution
ROM & Storage 64GB / 128 GB Storage
Camera 12MP Rear & 8MP Front ultra wide Quad camera
Battery 5000 mAh battery

Oppo F11 Pro

Oppo F11 Pro is one of the finest smartphones that Oppo brings to you. Like their previously designed devices, this model comes with an amazing combination of colors. This eye-catching handset is available in two colors- Aurora Green and Thunder Black. What is special about this set? It is more unique with the patented selfie pop-up camera creating a sense of art. This will surely match up with your personality. When we compare Oppo mobile price in Bangladesh (BD) Oppo F11 Pro is the mid-level price of phone in Bangladesh.


Key Features

Price BDT. 36,990
Display 6.5” Panoramic screen with 90.90% screen ratio
ROM & Storage 64GB / 128 GB Storage
Camera 16MP Front & 48MP+ 5 MP camera
Battery 4000 mAh (TYP)

Oppo A5s

If you are looking at something that goes with your internal artistic temperament, then you should go for Oppo A5s. This smartphone comes in four different classic colors- Black, Red, Green, and Gold. Whether you love to listen to music, or watch movies, or play games; whatever you do, you can enjoy every moment of it with your phone. With a long-life battery, this phone allows you to do anything as long you want.  This multitasking mobile is the most convenient companion for you.


Key Features

Price BDT. 13,990
Display 6.2” striking Corning Gorilla glass-screen display
ROM & Storage 32GB Storage
Camera 13MP+ 2MP Rear & 8MP Front ultra wide  camera
Battery 4230 mAh

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

Are you ready to witness the world from a different perspective? Then get ready to experience the new heights of technology with Oppo Reno 10x Zoom. This series lifts the photography as well as smartphone amusement to a higher position. With considerably color accuracy and greater resolution, Reno 10x Zoom is able to reveal the true beauty and brings on vivid details of your pictures. This ingenious smartphone is simplistic yet, very stylish in design. You’ll surely love this unique model of modern beauty.


Key Features

Price BDT. 79,990
Display 6.6”  Panoramic Corning Gorilla Glass 6 screen
with 2340×1080 pixels resolution
ROM & Storage 256GB Storage
Camera 16MP Front sensor &
48MP+ 8MP + 13MP Rear sensor camera
Battery 4065mAh (TYP), 3975mAh (MIN)

Oppo Reno 5G

To take mobile entertainment and photography to a new extent, Oppo brings to you the Reno 5G. Now distance is not anymore bothered in the way of your creativity. With full-focal length coverage and Dual OIS image stabling, features allow you to take the picture in full zoom. Its wide-angle lens brings the world around you closer than ever before. Do you often miss your night-time moments? Being equipped with AI portrait optimization feature, Oppo Reno 5G is the perfect solution for night photography.


Key Features

Price BDT. 85,990
Display 6.6”  Panoramic Corning Gorilla Glass 6 screen
with 2340×1080 pixels resolution
ROM & Storage 256GB Storage
Camera 16MP Front sensor &
48MP+ 8MP + 13MP Rear sensor camera
Battery 4065mAh (TYP), 3975mAh (MIN)

Oppo R17 Pro

If you don’t want to miss any beautiful shot of the night, then the Oppo R17 Pro is just for you. With powerful settings for night shots, you can now easily capture the most delightful moments of the night. Even the barely sight rays can be converged clearly with the OIS optical stabilization. The AI ultra-care engine converts any night shots into luminous pictures. There is more. Its fog lighting along with the Radiant Mist cover gives your picture an immersive aesthetic and dreamy image. Moreover, you’ll surely like its astonishing super-fast rendering performance. Security Features of this phone is very good.


Key Features

Price BDT. 69,990
Display 16.2cm Multi-touch screen display with
2340 x 1080 pixel resolution
ROM & Storage 128GB Storage
Camera 25MP Front sensor & 12MP+ 20MP Rear sensor camera
Battery 2*1800 mAh / 2*13.86Wh (Min)

Oppo A31

For your everyday life, there is an excellent model that you’d surely like- Oppo A31. Now capturing your daily any moment is easy with the patented  AI triple camera. You can experience taking pictures in different ways that you haven’t done ever before. Whether it is morning dew or blooming flowers, it is easy to explore every detail of the hidden gems of your day to day life with Oppo A31. Do you take selfies often? Then if the AI Beautification Camera allows you to create natural and customized selfies with beautiful and refined skin.


Key Features

Price BDT. 17,000
Display 16.5cm Multi-touch Gorilla Glass 3 screen display
with 1600 x 720 pixel resolution
ROM & Storage 64GB /128GB Storage
Camera 12MP + 2MP+ 2MP R Rear sensor &
8MP Front sensor camera
Battery 4100/4230mAh (Min/ Typ)

Oppo A1K

If you are looking for long-lasting battery life, then Oppo A1K is the better option for you. This strikingly designed mobile will let you have an immersive experience. The day will end, but your fun will go on and on. Because its long-going battery never lets you down in a middle way. And, you can enjoy your every moment of life.


Key Features

Price BDT. 9,990
Display 6.1” waterdrop HD capacitive multi-touch screen display
with 1560 x 720 pixel resolution
ROM & Storage 32GB Storage
Camera 5MP Front sensor & 8MP Rear sensor camera
Battery 4000 mAH lithium-polymer


So, these were our top list of best selling Oppo mobile price in bd. Oppo phone ensures to you all those plus points and good sides that you want in the mobile hat you’re holding right now.  If you are thinking to invest in an extraordinary smartphone, then you can choose from the above top-selling list which is best selling Oppo mobile price in Bangladesh.

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