Best Mobile Number Tracker or Locator in 2021

Do you need a mobile number tracker? or Are you looking for a mobile number locator? Then you are in the right place. Mobile phones are an indispensable part of our day to day life and we have accepted it and kept on relying upon it. However, none of the advancements of science had a unidirectional effect. That is why the limitation or the control overuse of it has become so important in every aspect. That’s the main reason for using a mobile phone or mobile number tracker. When we think of it, we only conceive the idea of being controlled but that’s not it. Phone or mobile tracker can be used to constantly know the location of the device so that we can know the person or the object is safe. Most-over if the phone itself gets lost we can easily identify it’s the situation.

Now there is plenty of ways a mobile phone can be located or tracked. One of the ways to track a mobile is using the IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This can work even if the mobile does not have the internet. This is done by tracking the global positioning system (GPS). Another way is by tracking the network tower the phone is communicating with but for that, you need to have the number of the phone that you want to track. Finally, another way of tracking is done by a third party app but for that, to work the phone has to have access to internet either always or once after changing location.


The best way is the IMEI tracking for mobile number as it does not require the device to have a sim or internet access but for that one might need access to satellites; which is not possible for most of us. Also, to track a number through network or antenna one has to go through many offices and permissions and equipment. So we are left with two choices, one is applying a bug which let us hear or see the device being used or a third party app which sends all the information in a particular place. Though those apps are helpful for locating, a mobile number locator may steal your information. Be careful before using an unknown or unverified mobile number tracker.

Top 5 Mobile number Tracker or Locator

Now we will be discussing some of these apps which can be installed on a phone or device to track a mobile number. Among the apps, available mSpy takes the cake for being more effective. It is a paid app but after you install it on the device you want to track you can easily access most of the date of the device remotely.


mSpy can be used both in android and iPhone devices. You can monitor the calls including records with the app. mSpy lets you track the text messages of the installed device. From your own chosen device you can easily observe all the message traffic from any social media or messaging apps. For example in the observer’s control panel, you can choose to see the of any of the installed apps and it will show you what messages had been sent to whom and from whom the messages or calls were received including the same name of the contact that had been stored on the device being monitored. Most-over the user can observe the frequency chart of what type of communication was used more.

Another amazing feature is you can see all the multimedia files on the device easily. By observing thumbnail you can decide which files to check and time update gets the users to access to newer content on the targeted device. You can also access the browser history, read emails and even view the calendar logs with ease from the comfort of your own device. All in all, mSpy is a great paid app for monitoring and controlling a mobile device and its uses as it even allows the user to block or unblock an app on the targeted device.


Spyfone is another five-star worthy app which lets the user allow to access and browse through all the recent activities of the targeted mobile phone device. From the live panel control option, anyone can easily track the mobile phone and locate the position of the number. Even real-time screen capture is available through this app. The most important thing is this app can be installed in both android and ios devices. The best thing about it is that you can give it a trial run for 3 days before deciding to buy the app.

Highster is another better mobile phone tracker and locator as you can track the live changing position of the device and locate it on the map if it is stolen or lost. Working on both platform this one gives you full access to the targeted phone and gives you a controlled monitoring environment without bothering the targeted user.


Among all the other mobile phone trackers and locator, ikeymonitor has the compatibility to android 2.3 which has become quite obsolete; still, it provides the support so that you can use it any device including ios. It has comprehensive tracking features and the ability to even record keystroke and calls for further monitoring. You can not only take remote photos without disturbing the targeted users but also can track the changes made to the phone info. Like, sim alteration, Wi-Fi rerouting or switching, charge info, etc. The best thing about it is the free plan which allows only access to SMS, call history, GPS location, and Wi-Fi history. All these features make this app a bit unique than the other.


If your child has an iPad or an android tablet and you want to monitor the activity than the easiest solution is the easyspy/easyspy plus. This app has special features and compatibility for iPad and tablets. Easyspy can do all the monitoring for you and track the latest activities and give you total control to time-out use of the daily use, restriction of launching an app or installing it and even going to a specific URL site. This also helps you to keep an eye on the surroundings for security reasons All in all this is a great app for mobile device location and tracking.

Free Phone Tracker

It is free of costs and widely used mobile number locator. You can get all the convenient features without spending money. You just need to create an account login into it. And use search bar with accurate information and press find now button. All available information will be visible to you.


Finally for just identifying the location of an android device, one can use the sites like finding my phone or “find my mobile” of Samsung if you are a Samsung phone user but in order to do so, one must have to sign-up and register earlier before the phone gets missing.

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