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At last, the long wait is over. eFootball PES 2021 mobile, at last, arrived on mobile screens. Konami has updated the version of PES 2020 and launched eFootball PES 2021 mobile on 16th October. The developers did not reshape or redesigned the game. They just updated the earlier version. Players will have the same feeling that they had to play the earlier version with new updates. There some minor improvements to the game with the new entry of player shuffle and roster update. This update gave gamers a real-world flavor while playing.

e-Footbal PES 2021 Mobile Game

Best Android Sports Game: PES 2021(eFootball)

At a Glance

At a GlanceInformation
Release DateSeptember 15, 2020
Game TypeOnline/Offline Football
Top Features New Iconic moment·   New Player pack·   Real-time online play·   Play with legends. 
Price$ 29 to $34.99
Compatible DeviceAndroid Version  5.1.1(Lolipop)·   RAM 1GB·   Storage 1.5 GB

New Features

  • The gameplay is built on Unreal Engine 5
  • Slow but more realistic
  • Passing oriented gameplay rather than pace
  • Realistic master league
  • Reasonable timing


  • Regular price $29.00
  • Club Edition $34.99


  • Exclusive: The Nou Camp and Allianz Arena will be exclusive to PES 2021 including Barcelona, Bayer Munich, Arsenal, and Man U.
  • Renewed with Celtic, Rangers, Flamengo, Sau Polo, Corinthians.
  • Official Partners: 20 club teams.
  • Club League: 20
  • National Team: 5 Continents.


  • Games Radar 4/5
  • Metacritic 73%
  • 7/10 IGN dot com. 

Same But Not The Same

Those who played all three iterations will admit that the change between PES 2019 to PES 2021 was most noticeable. It is always tough to find the difference if there are no non-visual improvements. That’s why at first look it will tough for gamers to find the difference. But those who love playing football video games will be able to find the difference. The developers catered the game to enhance the playing experience for serious gamers rather than making it visually attractive to casual players.

After opening the game you will find everything just like the previous version. Nothing changed in the menu, Graphics, controls, player screen, and presentation of the match everything is just as it was in the previous game with the addition of a new soundtrack, minor color shit, and some new background pictures.

Now we will stop talking about the graphics and design. Let’s talk about football in PES 2021. The speed of the game is a bit slower than the previous version. Management by the teams is more sensitive. Handling players are more responsive. Everything about the game is much more realistic than the other versions which are refreshing for gamers. The strongest side of PES is a unique player skill or player ID. This is the part where long term rival FIFA failed to match.


What is the most frustrating thing when you play a real-life sport in a video game? There are many things to be mentioned but the most irritating thing is of players do not commit mistakes. If you see a lower-ranked team suddenly starts playing like Real Madrid or Juventas then playing football as a video game is never a great experience. Well, that happened more in PES 2020 than PES 2021. Gamers are going to love this.

In PES 2021 players commit much error. Movement, skills, shots, dribbling everything is much more realistic than the previous version. Here players are livelier, they are more unpredictable. PES 2021 introduced some slight changes but that will give the gamers a completely new and real-life experience. In PES 2021 there is a wider variety of shots, saves. A new style of play has been introduced in wing attack and dribble. Skilled gamers now can cause serious damage to opponents if they got the timing right. You still can play the game with short passing and counterattacks as you played in the previous versions but if you change the strategy to long pass then there is a very high chance that you will be rewarded more.


Defending is not easy in football. It is the most dangerous and risky position for a football player to play. If you make mistake your team will conceive a goal, if you make mistake or mistime charging then there is the chance that the opposition will get a penalty or you will conceive a card. Here in PES 2021, the feel is the same.

Here attempting to defend is risky and if you defend well then you will be a rewarder also like in real life football match. If you do not concentrate on defending then you will conceive a goal but if you concentrate then your lesser-skilled defender can neutralize high-skill players like Ronaldo or Messi. So, Mourinho fans can celebrate the game as well.

Previous year the developers of this game brought this game online change the name to football PES. But PES did not just embrace the online like other games, they used advanced filters for matchmaking players who are looking for online players. Konami will check the connection stability of both players before connecting them.

Like the other version players still, bump on to each other but this time the game engine learns faster. There is a chance that referee may miss any foul happened and it could hurt you. But that is football, right? A real-life bitter-sweet mixture test is available here.


This game looks great for licensed teams. Messi will look like real-life Messi. The playing style of star players will be just as you see on the real-life pitch. Players like Neymar, Messi, Van Dijk, Hazard will have their unique animation and playing style. Many Real-life players are perfectly recreated in PES 2021. The old legends are also perfectly detailed.    

In PES 2021 it is easy to get a stacked team from the get-go. Here you can acquire players and take on opponents as you like. In PES 2021 you can play with legends like Del Piero, Maradona, Beckham, Zidan If you are a football lover then you are going to love playing with these legends. The old legends are very much detailed, too. It will make you nostalgic. There are 5 special clubs in PES 2021. This option provides players with instant access to the iconic moment of that club. Players will be to play with younger Messi or Dennis Bergkamp when they were in the prime of their career.

The price of efootball: PES 2021 is much lesser if you compare this to FIFA. The price of FIFA is almost 3 times higher than PES 2021 but the playing experience is better than eFootball: PES 2021.

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