Best Mobile Wallpaper for Android and iOS – (Free/Premium)

Do you love wallpaper? Everybody loves to have a cool wallpaper on his favorite smartphone. Wallpaper is the very first thing that you see when you open your phone. That is why Mobile wallpaper is very popular these days. It is Many people browse the web for mobile wallpaper or mobile wallpaper HD. But getting a perfect mobile wallpaper or mobile wallpaper HD from the web is not an easy job. Maybe you will end up with a low-resolution mobile wallpaper that will not look good at all.  

Instead of searching for mobile wallpaper HD on the web, it is better to download an app that can deliver 4k wallpaper for mobile. Using an app will give you the freedom to choose wallpaper at your ease. You can change the wallpaper when you want. You can get 4k mobile wallpaper or 3d wallpaper for mobile using these apps. 

Best Mobile Wallpapers for Android, iOS with HD and 4k

We are talking about best mobile wallpapers for android and iOS phone. These wallpapers are best performing according to active user installation and rating.

Free wallpaper HD download for android mobile

Wallpapers by Google

This is a free app by google for full HD wallpaper for mobile. You will find different options to set mobile wallpaper for your mobile. This app comes with limited wallpapers but it is a decent choice to set mobile wallpaper to your device. You can choose from your photos, on-device wallpapers, live wallpapers. You also can choose a specific category for the wallpaper.

Wallpapers Google

After choosing a specific category you can set an image or set the option to change the image every day. Google updates the image repository regularly. The best part is that this app is free and there is no add or in-app purchase. The UI is neat and clean. You can use this app for mobile wallpaper download. 

Pubg Mobile Wallpaper

Pubg Mobile Wallpaper

You can download Pubg Mobile wallpaper using some of the apps we mentioned earlier. But there are some apps to download gaming wallpaper. 

Wallpaper for Gamers 4K: This is an android app to download gaming wallpapers. You can download pubg mobile wallpaper using this app. Though this app has 10 million-plus downloads we have found some negative reviews on this app. The developers did not update the app since August 2019. 

Get Wallpaper for Gamers 4K for android

PUBG Game mobile Wallpaper: You will not find this app in the play store. This is an unofficial app of Pubg Player. You will get an awesome collection of HD PUBG game Wallpapers. You will get gaming Player Unknown’s Battle Ground wallpapers from this app. Every wallpaper is of high HD quality.  For pubg mobile wallpaper, this is the best app. 

Get PUBG Game mobile wallpaper apk for Android 

Best Wallpapers For Mobile (Free)-Android/iOS

1. Zedge

Zedge Wallpaper

This is one of the most popular free android apps for mobile wallpaper. You can download HD wallpaper and 4k wallpaper free from this app. Are you a pubg lover? You can get pubg mobile wallpaper from Zedge. This app has a very easy navigation option and you can find lots of wallpapers here. You can search wallpapers based on color also and this option is loved by many people. Pubg also has 3d wallpaper for mobile. 

Get Zedge for Android

Get Zedge for iOS 

2. 7 Fon

7 Fon wallpaper

7 Fon is one of the top free wallpaper apps in the play store with more than 5 million downloads. This is one of the best wallpaper apps for filtering through a huge selection of different options. You can tap on the information button and bring up the color palate from the shot. This app has filters images by color also. You can set a particular image or change the image in a particular time duration.  You can get 4k wallpaper for mobile 1920×1080 using this app. 

Download 7Fon for Android

Download 7Fon for iOS

3. Walli

Walli wallpaper

Wali is another popular app for iOS and Android to download the wallpaper to your mobile. The Walli team has a huge collection of high-quality full HD wallpaper for mobile. Walli also offers 3d wallpaper for mobile. You can download pubg mobile wallpaper using this app. Walli has a huge collection of 4k wallpaper for mobile 1920×1080 for mobile. 

Download Walli for Android 

Download Walli for iOS

4. Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

Backgrounds HD wallpaper

with over 100 million active installations Background HD is one of the top free wallpaper download apps for android. Background HD app has a huge collection of high-quality wallpapers that will make your home screen stunning. You can search wallpapers by recent popular. Popular categories can be filtered by daily, weekly, monthly, or all-time.  

Download Background HD (Wallpapers)

5. Walpy

Walpy wallpaper

Wallpapers: This is another good wallpaper app built for android. It has a large collection of pictures. Like any other app, you can change the wallpaper through this at any time of the day. But there is an advantage that most apps don’t have. It waits until your phone is charging or on WiFi and then it changes the wallpaper. The downside is you will not find any abstract image in this app. They only deliver photography wallpapers. 

Download Walpy from the play store


WLPPR wallpaper

This a free wallpaper app for iOS. This app is famous for breathtaking images of the Universe we all are a part of. This app contains a collection of satellite images of our lovely planet. If you are an iPhone user then this the best app for mobile wallpaper download.

Download WlPPR fro iOS

7. Vellum Wallpapers

Vellum Wallpapers

Every single wallpaper of this app is amazing. Vellum wallpaper is an app build for iOS. Vellum gives the freedom to choose wallpapers from a large database and also update the database daily. The fun side is there’s also a built-in blurring function, allowing users to tweak the wallpapers to their liking. 

Download Vellum Wallpaper 

Best Wallpapers For Mobile (Premium)-Android/iOS

In this section, only premium quality wallpapers are discussed. Price is different from each other.

1. Skyline – Live Wallpaper With Global 3D Terrain

Do you Love live wallpapers? Skyline is the best app for you. The best part of this app is that it turn any location into a living wallpaper. It can turn a static image into something dynamic. You can search for any location on earth and set it as your wallpaper. The wallpaper will move as you scroll or rotate the phone. Isn’t it cool? There is no free version for this app. You can purchase it for $1.99 from the play store. 

Purchase Skyline from Playstore. 

2. Wallpaper Expert PRO 

One of the best paid mobile wallpaper apps for android. It has 12M+ active installations and a 4.6 overall rating. Looking for 4k wallpaper for mobile 1920×1080? This is the best android app for that. This is an amazing app for HD, QHD, and 4K wallpapers. Each wallpaper is hand-picked by professional designers and photographers.  There are tons of categories in this app. You can purchase this app for $2.99. 

Purchase Wallpaper expert pro

3. Awesome Movie Wallpapers

Movie freak? Want a stunning wallpaper of the joker or batman in front of your screen? If yes, then could be THE APP for you. With over 5.5 million installations and stunning 4.8 ratings, this is undoubtedly the best movie wallpaper app for android. They add top Quality 4K | Full HD Movie Pictures every day. This app has thousands of UHD Movie Wallpapers. Including superhero, action, epic, comedy, romance, drama, adventure, western, crime, war, and fantasy movies. Awesome movie wallpaper is a fast app with a very user-friendly UI. The price of Awesome Movie Wallpapers is $1.99. 

Purchase Awesome Movie Wallpapers

4. Wallpapers HD+ Pro

This app has 18M active installations and 4.7 ratings. It is one of the most popular wallpaper apps for android. You will get amazing daily Wallpapers in HD and 4K. This app has been optimized for the latest android version with cache for lighting fast performance. You can share unlimited wallpapers and share those. The price of Wallpaper HD is $3.99.

Purchase Wallpaper HD+Pro

5. Everpix Pro – HD Wallpapers

This app is developed for iOS. You will find high-quality exclusive wallpapers, to personalize your device. Every picture of Everpix Pro fits perfectly, each size of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch screen. All wallpapers of this app are carefully chosen to give the best experience to the users. This app is available in 23 languages all over the world and has 4.8 ratings at the apple store. The price of this app is $9.99. 

Purchase Everpix Pro

4k Wallpaper For Mobile

You can download 4k wallpaper for mobile 1920×1080 from all the apps we have described earlier in this article on the best wallpapers for mobile. To help you more we are adding some more names from where you can download 4k wallpapers. You can download 4k wallpaper for mobile 1920×1080 using these apps. 

Available wallpaper HD download for android mobile

  • AMOLED Wallpapers 4K – Auto Wallpaper Changer
  • Live Wallpapers – 4K Wallpapers
  • Beautiful wallpapers 4k
  • Free Wallpapers – Ultra 4K Wallpaper Apps 

Finding the best wallpapers for mobile can be a painful job. You can search for ‘mobile wallpaper download’ or ‘3d wallpaper for mobile’ and download the images to your phone. But those images sometimes won’t be perfect for your device. That’ why we did the research and created the list so that you can set full HD wallpaper for mobile to your smartphone. 

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