All Available Huawei Mobile Price in Bangladesh- 2021

Are you tired of finding Huawei mobile price in Bangladesh (BD)? Let’s face it. If you are searching for a mobile brand, that is able to replace or to some extent, better than Samsung or Apple? Then the Huawei phone is the answer. In the world, Huawei is the second-biggest smartphone manufacturer

After leaving its footprint on different countries around the world, now Huawei Bangladesh has come for you. The high-end and well-rounded handsets make this brand so pervasive.


Are you confused about the Huawei mobile price in bd? Due to its upgraded features and beautiful designs, Huawei phone rivals the highest position in Bangladesh. In this article, we bring to you the entire stock-in Huawei mobile price. And, top 10 best selling Huawei mobiles 2021 along with their features.

All Huawei Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2021

The showing table represents all available Huawei mobile price in bd. A large number of Huawei mobile prices listed below. Select the best fit for you.

Model No. Price Mobile No. Price
Huawei Mate 30
BDT. 110,000 Huawei Mate 1o
BDT. 135,990
Huawei Mate 30
Rs Porsche
BDT. 99,990 Huawei Mate 10
BDT. 36,990
Huawei Mate 10
BDT. 28,000 Huawei Mate 10 BDT. 68,000
Huawei Mate 8BDT. 49,990 Huawei Mate 20
BDT. 96,500
Huawei Mate 20BDT. 76,990 Huawei Mate 9 BDT. 58,990
Huawei Mate 9
BDT. 38,000 Huawei Nova 3i BDT. 19,999
Huawei Nova 3BDT. 34,990 Huawei Nova 2s BDT. 19,000
Huawei Nova 3eBDT. 27,990 Huawei Nova 2
BDT. 34,200
Huawei Nova 2BDT. 29,700 Huawei Nova Lite BDT. 24,735
Huawei Nova PlusBDT. 21,500 Huawei P30 Lite BDT. 29,999
Huawei P30 ProBDT. 89,999 Huawei P Smart BDT.  26,990
Huawei P Smart PlusBDT. 32,990 Huawei Nova 5T BDT. 49,999
Huawei Y9BDT. 19,999 Huawei Enjoy 8 BDT. 22,500
Huawei Enjoy 7sBDT. 13,500 Huawei P20 Pro BDT. 91,990
Huawei P20BDT. 44,500 Huawei P20 Lite BDT. 16,000
Huawei Honor
Holly 4 Plus
BDT. 18,000 Huawei Maimang
BDT. 29,116
Huawei Y7 PrimeBDT. 14,000 Huawei P10 Lite BDT.  29,990
Huawei P10 PlusBDT. 66,900 Huawei P10 BDT.  56,900
Huawei P8 LiteBDT. 20,300 Huawei P9 Lite BDT.  22,900
Huawei Y5 11BDT. 10,000 Huawei P9 Plus BDT.  53,500
Huawei P9BDT. 37,000 Huawei Nexus 6P BDT.  40,000
Huawei Y625BDT. 11,500 Huawei Y541 BDT.  8,051
Huawei  Y336BDT. 7,760 Huawei Ascend
BDT. 8,000
Huawei Ascend Y511BDT. 6,990 Huawei Ascend
BDT.  11,500
Huawei Ascend P6BDT. 29,000 Huawei Ascend
BDT.  17,500
Huawei Ascend G610BDT. 13,500 Huawei Ascend
Mate 7 Monarch
BDT.  49,900
Huawei Ascend G510BDT. 14,490 Huawei Ascend G600 BDT. 22,000
Huawei Nova 3eBDT. 28,000 Huawei Ascend Y200 BDT.  3,000
Huawei Ascend P1BDT. 24,300 Huawei Ascend D1 BDT. 22,500
Huawei U8850 VisionBDT. 24,000 Huawei Sonic U8650 BDT. 10,000

10 Best Selling Huawei Mobile Price in Bangladesh (BD)

After making a thorough study, We found 10 best Huawei Mobile with Price and Specifications for your need. It’s time to choose.

Huawei P30 Pro

At present, the most popular Huawei smartphone model is P30 Pro. This one will surely make you experience a new level of mobile photography with its astonishing digital camera. If you love to play games, then its colorful and clear large screen would become a staggering canvas. Don’t you get enough time to charge on your mobile? Not to worry. The excellent long-life battery won’t let you shut down in the middle of the day.

Huawei-P30-Pro Price in Bangladesh

Key Features

Price BDT. 89,999
Display 6.47” full HD screen
ROM & Storage 128/ 256/ 512 GB Storage
Camera 40MP + 20MP + 8MP + ToF Rear Camera &
32MP Front camera
Battery 4,200 mAh

Huawei P20 Pro

Do you know what is special about Huawei P20 Pro? It is the world’s very first smartphone that is equipped with a triple camera feature. You have never experienced this extraordinary camera hardware on any Android smartphone before. Moreover, with a stunning display designed with twilight gradient finishing, better than ever camera and powerful processor- all these points make this model superior.


Key Features

Price BDT. 91,990
Display 6.1” screen with 1080 x 2240 resolution
ROM & Storage 128 GB
Camera 40MP + 20MP + 8MP Rear & 24MP Front camera
Battery 4000 mAh3

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Lets you introduce with another top contender Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Blurring the border between your dream and reality, the higher intelligence breakthroughs of this model will mesmerize you. Mate 20 Pro is actually where the beauty of art meets innovation. Its iconic design will suit your personality. This masterpiece comes in four different colors that are full of energy and enthusiasm. You will feel ease to use it and at the same time, its slim design is a pleasure to your eyes.


Key Features

Price BDT. 96,500
Display 6.39” screen with 2K+3120 x 1440 resolution
ROM & Storage 128/256 GB
Camera 40MP + 20MP + 8MP Rear & 24MP Front camera
Battery 4200 mAh

Huawei P30 Lite

Are you ready to explore the unseen surprises of Huawei smartphones? The P30 Lite lets you experience different perspectives on smartphone usage. See the brighter, closer and wider world with this astonishing handset. It is a much better model that you would like to give a try. Choose yours from the transfixing colors such as mid-day sky, rosy dawn, the darkness of night and mysterious Aurora.


Key Features

Price BDT. 29,999
Display 6.1” screen with FHD+ 2340*1080 resolution
ROM & Storage 128 GB
Camera 40MP + 16MP + 8MP Rear & 32MP Front camera
Battery 3650 mAh

Huawei Nova 5T

Do you like to get noticed in the crowd? Because Huawei brings to you an amazing reflective designed smartphone which makes you unique. Huawei Nova 5T is here to let you inspire and enjoy all your everyday moments. With excellent texture, refine finishing and dazzling colors, this Huawei model becomes more prominent. This phone won’t let you miss even a beat with its all convenient functionalities.


Key Features

Price BDT. 49,999
Display 6.26” screen with FHD+ 2340 x 1080 resolution
ROM & Storage 128 GB
Camera 48MP + 16MP + 2MP Rear & 32MP Front camera
Battery 3750 mAh

Huawei P Smart Plus

Another masterpiece that is also globally popular is – Huawei P Smart Plus. This AI photography artist understands that you don’t want to miss any moment of your life. So, it allows you to capture your life events so effortlessly. No more worries about missing the best moments to record. Now, this is the responsibility of Huawei P Smart Plus. Playing video games is more fun with this superior smartphone as this is designed with an ultra-wide display.


Key Features

Price BDT. 32,990
Display 6.21” screen with +2340 x 1080 resolution
ROM & Storage 64 GB
Camera 24 MP + 16MP+2MP Rear & 8MP Front camera
Battery 3400 mAh

Huawei Y9 Prime

Huawei Y9 Prime is a stunning phone makes you stand out of the crowd. It is designed with an uncommon dividing line style which makes it unique. With the ultra-board horizon, reading e-books, watching videos or playing games are now more comfortable. Taking a selfie is easier and constant fun with the pop-up front camera. Even taking pictures of a wider perspective is also effortless with this smartphone. Enjoy the efficient speedy performance with low-power consumption.


Key Features

Price BDT. 23,999
Display 6.59” screen with 2340 x 1080 resolution
ROM & Storage 64/128 GB
Camera 16MP + 8MP + 2MP Rear &
16MP Front camera
Battery 4000 mAh

Huawei Mate 20 Lite

Huawei Mate 20 Lite is the one that you can trust with your eyes closed. Its edge-across performance will impress you. You can comfortably hold it within your hand palm due to its slim symmetrical back cover. The days have gone when you got upset seeing others perfect selfie shots. This selfie master makes all your selfie the best with automatic AI beautification functionality.this brilliant phone is equipped with intelligent features as well as reliable sufferance.


Key Features

Price BDT. 16,000
Display 6.3” screen with FHD+ 2340 x 1080 resolution
ROM & Storage 64 GB
Camera 20MP + 16MP + 2MP Rear & 24MP+ 2MP
Front camera
Battery 3750 mAh

Huawei Enjoy 8

Being powered by Octa-Core, Huawei Enjoy 8 is the latest launched model. It has already made a strong market place due to its excellent functionalities and features. Its IPS display with good resolution gives you a clear and sharp view. Playing games, listening to songs or maybe just browsing the internet; whatever you want to do, this smartphone would be your great companion.


Key Features

Price BDT. 22,500
Display 5.99” Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen with 720 x 1440 resolution
ROM & Storage 32 GB
Camera 13MP Rear & 5MP Front camera
Battery 3020 mAh

Honor Holly 4+

Huawei Honor Holly 4+ is also one of the recently launched models competing in the global phone market. And now it has reached Bangladesh.  With nice features and convenient usability, it has made a significant place in the mind of the users. Its efficient performance is very promising and you’re going to like this one.


Key Features

Price BDT. 18,000
Display 5.0” screen with 1280 x 720 resolution
ROM & Storage 32 GB
Camera 13MP Rear & 5MP Front camera
Battery 3020  mAh


Well, this was our researched top 10 best selling Huawei mobile price in bd along with their features. We hope that this content might fulfill your purpose. And, also help you to grab your one.  We have shown all available Huawei mobile price in Bangladesh. Choose which one is the best fit for you.

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