Best Android Device Manager: To Secure, Boost, Maintain App And Storage

We are talking about the android device manager to keep your data secured and to make it user-friendly. We divided this article into two parts. In the first part, we are talking about device managers for android that are useful to make your phone optimized. And in another part, we are listing some important device manager apps to lock and secure your phone.

Our android devices have become the part and parcel of our daily activities. From morning to dawn we are dependent on this device. This is the reason we are so picky while choosing and buying an android device. But as days go by the performance of the phone decreases due to many reasons. Mostly due to occupied space by images and files and also having different apps running in the background.

Android Device Manager

Top 5 Android Device Manager to Optimize Performance

We rely on this device to uphold our lifestyle and schedule; so it is a bit counter-intuitive that we organize and allocate our time to clean and optimize the device. In order to make our life easy, there are many android device manager apps to do that on behalf of us.

1. CC cleaner

It is the most common and widely used app. The basic version is free for use. After allowing all the permission the app analyzes the device and shows the user the storage used and the percentage of RAM being used.

On the home screen you will see four options

  1. Booster
  2. Quick Clean
  3. Media Overview
  4. Apps Overview

Along with those options, you will be shown how much space is being occupied by those categories. The Booster will let you hibernate some apps so that they don’t bother you with notifications unless the user opens the app. The Quick clean is quite self-explanatory, it will clean all the junk and unnecessary cache files.

Media overview options are quite unique. Upon entering the menu you will see a pie chart of division of different media that are occupying the device’s storage. This is not uncommon but how it organizes photos is amazing. It will show similar photo groups with the option of selecting the best one and deleting the others. Marked bad or blurred photos are cleaned within the app. Moreover, it has a sub-category of optimizable photos which enhances some photos for the benefit of users. The Apps overview is also great as it shows the battery drainers and larger apps with size categories.

  • Pros: Great user interface, user-friendly and versatile
  • Cons: The ad can be a bit bothersome but still can be removed through payment

2. Clean Master

Clean Master is another light android device manager app. This does not have all the fancy features and in depth options like CC cleaner but nevertheless it is effective and useful. There is a one button action meaning if you select it the program will run all its feature and give you a summary of its actions. Also there are options for individual category if you want deep cleaning or maintenance on that issue

  • Pros: Ultra-light, Hassel free one button cleaning
  • Cons:  Not many options, lacks deep cleaning and ads are continuous

3. Phone Master

Another uprising device maintenance app is the Phone master. It helps to clean junk and cool down battery by removing or hibernating unused apps.

The welcome home scree is similar like CC cleaner but has an antivirus database with CPU cooler options. At the very beginning it will scan the device and show the user the sensitive issues regarding the device. It’s up to the user whether to initiate those settings or just ignore it for a while.

The home screen shows all the scan options and security issues that might cause a problem in the future. In the toolbox option, you will find all the cleaning and boosting features you want separately, including the notification management. The phone master gives you access to Notification management which can be really useful if you have too many apps constantly popping with notifications

Another most interesting fact about this app is it has a notification/menu bar on the off screen which shows which option (like cache, clean, battery or boost) requires an uplift and the user can do so without turning the lock screen off.

  • Pros: Very intuitive and direct approach, game boosting option for mobile gamers, Antivirus features with File moving options
  • Cons: There is nothing that can be stacked against this app, however, it has a regular notification option which might be frustrating sometimes.

4. SD Maid

SD Maid is another easy to use android cleaning app. As the name suggests it works as a maid which takes care of all your phone management work. Initially, it requests for granting access for permission to use over other apps. Once done, it searches and analyzes the devices for unused apps and files then looks for system cache to clean. Also, it goes through all the databases of internal storage and sd card and cleans junk from apps and ads.

The SD maid also works as a file explorer like any other boosting and cleaning app

  • Pros: It is simple and to the point, not much animation and sub headers which makes the program easy on the eyes and put no stress at all on the device storage.
  • Cons: The duplicate finder requires the pro version which you need to buy.

5. All-In-One Toolbox

Like the name this app is really an all in one toolbox app which cleans, boost and saves battery.

On the home screen, it shows you the RAM being used which you can clean with just one touch. Also, you can enter the internal and additional memory to clean left over spaces. In the subheader menu, you can quickly clean, boost, and battery saver icons.

Most over in the below options there are particular actions that you can make to fix any particular problem you are having with your android device.

In the detailed menu, you can access the file and app manager, it also has a particular app cleaner like WhatsApp. This also has a unique photo compression option which shows you how much space can be saved through the compression.

This is really an AIO app with additional downloadable app for notification management

  • Pros: Different sections for different purposes like; space saver which has cleaning accessories, Speed; which has cooler and booster. Easy swipe action for faster one-hand use
  • Cons: Only the ads; meaning this is really a one-way ticket for your android device management app. Even you can purchase the pro version to remove the app

These are the Top 5 useful android device managers which have around 4.5-star ratings and uprising in the play store.

Top 5 Android Device Manager to Locate and Secure a Phone

Let’s discuss the android device manager to secure and finding devices. Due to constant attachment to our smartphone, it becomes the center of all our sensitive and personal data including our bank account and galleries. If somehow the phone gets lost all the information can be abused plus you will lose your treasured memories and moments instantly. That is why having a secure app is of great importance nowadays.

Android Device Manager to Find Device

In the play store, you will find plenty of Locking device manager apps. Most of them are quite useful and the same in the working principle. Among them some outstanding ones are

  1. Applock (DoMobile Lab)
  2. AppLock-Fingerprint (SpSoft)
  3. LOCKit-AppLock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock (SuperTools Corporation)
  4. AppLock- Fingerprint& Password, Gallery Locker (SailingLab)
  5. Applock (IVYMOBILE)

All these apps are very handy and user friendly. After installing the app you will be asked to choose between pattern and pin. When you set the pin or pattern then you will be able to lock the apps you want others to access by choosing them from the app list.

Some of the apps have a feature to show an error message of an app failing to launch when they are locked.

Applock(IVYMOBILE) has an interesting feature to take a front pic/selfie of the person who tried to snoop around your locked apps or tried to force a wrong pin or pattern

Most of the apps allow you to decorate or put a theme on your lock screen to take the monotony out of seeing the same unlock screen

AppLock-Fingerprint grants users to lock and unlock apps using their fingerprint granting the smartphone has a fingerprint impression sensor/scanner.

Android Device Finding Apps

As we already mentioned that it is a tragedy to lose your smartphone. However, you still can trace it if it wasn’t stolen in the first place. In order to do so, Google itself has made an app by the name “Google Find My Device”, which is an amazing android device manager app.

Installing it and adding devices under certain user once lost it can be traced through GPS with the devices location and present state visible on the device which has the app installed.

Another great feature is if you own multiple devices and you don’t have any pattern or pin lock on one and that one gets lost you can immediately set a security lock using this app. Also, when someone recovers it but don’t know where to contact as the phone is locked. For this situation, you can keep a notification on remotely which shows the contact number and name so that anyone who finds the device can trace its owner.

Initiating an alarm is another way to know the whereabouts of your phone or your beloved smartwatch. All these features are available in Google’s find my device app.

There are also some other third party apps which are mentioned below

  1. Find my Phone (Family Safety Production)
  2. Find my Device & Location Tracker – TrackView
  3. Wheres My Droid (Alienman Technologies)
  4. Find My Friends, Family, Kids-Location Tracker (ISHARINGSOFT, INC.)
  5. Life360- Family Locator, GPS Tracker (Life 360)

These are some very useful Android locating apps.

In fine, android device manager app is very helpful when you have confidential information on your phone. If you lose your phone those app can help you finding devices. Moreover, those app get you highest performance cleaning background apps and duplicate data.

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