All Symphony Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh (BD) – 2021

Are you looking for Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh? Let’s get started with your needs. Symphony Mobile phones have become part and parcel of our everyday life. It doesn’t matter what is your main phone. You do need a backup mobile phone to avoid awkward situations. You might need it for charge backup or it went rouge on you all on a sudden and to meet the demand at some point in our lives. We just had to buy another mobile phone as our secondary device and for many years in Bangladesh Symphony was the popular brand we all chose. It kept us occupied while we waited for the upcoming new model we wanted or for those youngsters who saved a few chunks from tiffin to buy a first android device. Symphony has been the first choice for these reasons despite being a Chinese brand phone in Bangladesh. Symphony bd price is near your hand. To meet the various demand of the mass people, to provide those in various models and to satisfy everyone; Symphony released a heap of mobile phones in bd. The available symphony mobile price in BD is mentioned below:

List of Symphony Mobile Price in Bangladesh (BD)

Symphony mobile in Bangladesh is not just a secondary device. Many people use these as the main phone because of its cheap price and standard quality.

SL. No.All Symphony Mobile NamesPrice in (BDT)
1Symphony Z15 BDT       8,490
2Symphony i68 BDT       5,990
3Symphony V75 BDT       4,790
4Symphony R40 BDT       6,190
5Symphony i72 BDT       6,390
6Symphony i97 BDT       7,490
7Symphonyi95 BDT       6,990
8Symphony Z10 BDT     13,490
9Symphony Xplorer P6 BDT       7,990
10Symphony Xplorer i10 BDT       6,990
11Symphony Xplorer i20 BDT       9,990
12Symphony V110 BDT       5,690
13Symphony i60 BDT       7,575
14Symphony RoarV95 BDT       4,999
15Symphony V97 BDT       4,390
16Symphony V128 BDT       4,990
17Symphony V75m (2GB) BDT       6,190
18Symphony V98 BDT       4,540
19Symphony V130 BDT       6,150
20Symphony V140 BDT       5,690
21Symphony V141 BDT       4,890
22Symphony V142 BDT       5,490
23Symphony V145 BDT       5,990
24Symphony V155 BDT       5,790
25Symphony Xplorer P6 PRO (3GB RAM) BDT     89,990
26Symphony G100 BDT       5,999
27Symphony i15  BDT       5,690
28Symphony i18 BDT       5,890
29Symphony i65 BDT       6,190
30Symphony i100 BDT       8,990
31Symphony i110 BDT       8,990
32Symphony i120 BDT       9,990
33Symphony iNova BDT       8,390
34Symphony V99 BDT       3,990
35Symphony Xplorer W68 BDT       6,490
36Symphony Xplorer V49 BDT       4,590
37Symphony V42 BDT       3,890
38Symphony V92 BDT       3,990
39Symphony V94 BDT       3,890
40Symphony P8 Pro BDT       8,990
41Symphony P9 (3GB) BDT     12,990
42Symphony P9+ BDT     13,490
43SymphonyP11 BDT     12,990
44Xplorer ZVII (3GB) BDT     11,250
45Xplorer i20 (2GB) BDT       6,790
46Xplorer H60 BDT       5,690
47Xplorer H200 BDT       7,990

10 Top-Selling Symphony Mobile Price and Features in Bangladesh

Lets have a look at the list of best-selling Symphony mobile in Bangladesh in 2021.

List of 10 Best Selling Symphony Phones in 2021

Sl. No. Phone Name Price in (BDT)
1 Symphony i97 BDT 7,490
2 Symphony i68 BDT 5,990
3 Symphony i72 BDT 6,390
4 Symphony i95 BDT 6,990
5 Symphony V128 BDT 4,990
6 Symphony V142 BDT 5,490
7 Symphony V141 BDT 5,190
8 Symphony R40 BDT 6,190
9 Symphony i120 BDT 9,990
10 Symphony Z15 BDT 8,490

Symphony i97

Main FeaturesSymphony i97
PriceBDT 7,490
Display5.7 inches
ROM/Storage16 GB
Processor/System1.6 GHz Octa core/Android 9.0
CameraFront 16 MP/ Back 8 MP
Battery3200 mAh

The latest addition to the Symphony world is the Symphony i97. Having the price tag of BDT 7,490 only, this phone provides an opportunity to get experience about the latest Android 9.0 (pie). i97 has 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. Even after being affordable, the Symphony i97 has 1.6GHz Octa-core processor. This fast processor ensures the user that their apps are running on full potential. Even after all these the Symphony i97 has a 16 MP main camera at back and 8 MP in front so that your selfies look as sharp as possible. You might think that its price may be costly but all users are getting only spending BDT 7,490. To surprise you, Symphony i97 has 3200 mAh Li-Po battery with a 5.7-inch display and Face ID.

Symphony i68

Main FeaturesSymphony i68
PriceBDT 5,990
Display5.45 Inches
ROM/Storage16 GB
Processor/System1.4 GHz Quad-core/Android 9.0
CameraFront 8 MP/ Back 5 MP
Battery2500 mAh

Another amazing phone of Symphony in Bangladesh is the Symphony i68 model. Interestingly it has 1.5 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. This might have a mediocre camera of 8 MP and a front camera of 5 MP simultaneously it gives an opportunity to test the latest version of Android 9.0 with a 1.4 GHz Quad-core processor. With 5.45 inches display, the i68 model carries a 2500 mAh battery. For only 5990 BDT, it is a must-try if you want to check out the Android Pie 9.0 go edition.

Symphony i72

Main FeaturesSymphony i72
PriceBDT 6,390
Display5.45 Inches
ROM/Storage16 GB
Processor/System1.4 GHz Quad-core MediaTek/ Android 8.1 (Go Edition)
CameraFront 8 MP/ Back 8 MP
Battery2500 mAh

Symphony i95

If taking a better image of what one looks for in a mobile; Symphony in Bangladesh has also brought the i72. This i series phone has 8 MP front and back camera so that your self-portraits look as beautiful as your landscapes. This one has the same display size as the same battery capacity as i68s. The symphony i72 has an android 8.1 go edition which is its downside from the previous one. However, the 6390 BDT price tag is worth it due to its upgraded camera. The Symphony mobile price in BD remains up and down position. But The i72 phone price is suitable for moderate users.

Main FeaturesSymphony i95
PriceBDT 6,990
Display5.45 Inches
ROM/Storage16 GB
Processor/System1.4 GHz Quad-core, Cortex-A53/ Android 8.1
CameraMain 13 MP/ Front 8 MP
Battery3000 mAh

The Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh changes over time. Symphony i95 is the equilibrium between the choice of a good camera and a quick response as it has 2GB RAM and a 13 MP back camera. The main camera also has a panorama view. The 16 GB ROM can be increased using a micro SD card of 32 GB. Having Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 Chips and a 3000 mAh battery makes it worth every penny of 6,990 BDT.

Symphony V128

Main FeaturesSymphony V128
PriceBDT 4,990
Display4.95 inches
ROM/Storage8 GB
Processor/System1.3 GHz Quad-core/Android 8.1 (Go Edition)
CameraFront 5 MP/ Back 5 MP
Battery2000 mAh

On the verge of 2021, we are truly dependent on some apps; perhaps not frequently but we do really need to use them. Now if you don’t want to jumble your primary phone with those sometimes apps. The Symphony V series in bd is the lifesaver. Especially the Symphony V128. The price is only 4, 990 BDT. At this price, you are getting a 4.95-inch display with a 2.5D curved screen. The RAM might be 1GB but the processor is Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex A7, which can do the work for the RAM faster so that the users don’t feel lagged at all. With 32 GB memory expend-ability and 2000 mAh battery, it is one of the toughest contenders of a budget-friendly phone.

Symphony V142

Main FeaturesSymphony V142
PriceBDT 5,490
Display5.45 Inches
ROM/Storage8 GB
Processor/System1.3 GHz Qcta core/Android 8.1 (Go Edition)
CameraMain 5 MP/ Front 5 MP
Battery2500 mAh

To those who would debate about the usability of V128’s smaller screen size. For them, Symphony has launched V142 with everything the same except you get a big screen of 5.45 inches. The price of V142 is 5490 BDT only.

Symphony V141

Main FeaturesSymphony V141
PriceBDT 4,890
Display5.45 Inches
ROM/Storage8 GB
Processor/System1.3 GHz Quad core/ Android 8.1 (Go Edition)
CameraFront 5 MP/ Back 5 MP
Battery2500 mAh

But if you want a phone for those random shots on the go, the symphony has also thought that for you too! With the same configuration, they have release symphony V141 with different AI and image stabilizer options for those steady images in the low light situations. This has a deduced price of BDT 4,890.

Symphony R40

Main FeaturesSymphony R40
PriceBDT 6,190
Display5.45 Inches
ROM/Storage8 GB
Processor/System1.3 GHz Quad-core/Android 9.0 (Go Edition)
CameraMain 8 MP/ Front 5 MP
Battery4000 mAh

Symphony mobile phones in Bangladesh have introduced every model thinking of every possible situation. Face it, every smartphone owner got to have a power bank with them. In order to provide us with a strong backup and it relieves us from running with cable towards the power outlet in 2019, the symphony R40 was introduced. This has an enormous 4000 mAh battery. Not only the battery but the display is big too; 5.45 inches. With an 8MP main camera, the symphony R40 has Quad Core 1.3 GHz processor. Finally, the OS is based on the latest 9.0 (Go edition). Even after having all these features the Symphony R40 price is only 6,190 BDT.

Symphony i120

Main FeaturesSymphony i120
PriceBDT 9,990
Display5.45 Inches
ROM/Storage16 GB
Processor/System1.5 GHz Quad core / Android Oreo v8.1 (360 Based)
CameraMain 13 MP/ Front 8 MP
Battery3200 mAh

If someone is to attach with memories and likes to carry the universe with them, the symphony i120 is the right choice for them. With 128 GB extendable memory this device has 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. Having a 5.45-inch display makes it a bit charge draining and maybe that’s the reason it has a 3200 mAh battery. The 13 MP main camera of i120 is equipped with a 1.5 GHz octa-core processor for a smooth experience of display and user actions. Finally, the Symphony i120 has android 8.1 (360 based) for only 9,990 BDT.

Symphony Z15

Main FeaturesSymphony Z15
PriceBDT 8,490
Display6.09 inches
ROM/Storage32 GB
Processor/System1.6 GHz Octa core/Android Pie v9.0
CameraBack Dual 13+2 MP/ Front 5 MP
Battery4000 mAh

Symphony mobile phones in Bangladesh have played an important part in developing the habit of android devices among mass people. Though most of them are quite low end budgeted from time to time Symphony didn’t shy away from launching a flagship high-end mobile phone. In 2021, Z15 is one of those sets of Symphony BD whose price is 8,490 BDT. This completes the sense of regular android 9.0 with a 6.09-inch display. The symphony Z15 not only has 3 GB RAM but a 1.6 GHz Octa-Core processor with MediaTek chipset. To make it a worthy choice this is coupled with 32 GB internal memory. The Z15 has a dual main camera 13 MP+2 MP both having autofocus and a 5 MP front Camera. Like the R40 this too has a large battery of 4000 mAh. So, having all these features the symphony Z15 really takes the cake of among all the symphony phones available in 2021 in Bangladesh.


Alright! Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh (BD) is decreasing day by day as other players changing. Due to lower buying power, Symphony mobile price in BD is fit for users who look at the latest version of the phone within their budget. Not only that, the Symphony mobile is built with good pieces of equipment. Therefore, it lasts long and consumes lower power.

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